My #DisneySide at Home Celebration!

by Bay on March 19, 2014

If you follow me on Instagram, or if you are really observant and have noticed the badge I put up here on the blog, then you know that I was selected to host a #DisneySide at Home Celebration! What is that, you say? Well, it is basically like a House Party or a Mommy Party where I have friends gather in my house to talk about one particular product or brand, and in this case it is my favoritest of all brands: Disney! You probably know that I am Disney obsessed, and am always trying to scheme my latest trip to WDW. So naturally, I volunteered to host! First, my box of party supplies was highly anticipated, so it was VERY exciting when my box finally arrived like magic on my doorstep:

disney side box

I Instagrammed that picture and naturally, the first responses were “ok, so what’s in the box?!”  Once I ripped it open I had to be the obliging host and spread it all out for my friends to see ;)   They generously gave all of us hosts an American Tourister suitcase as a “thank you” for hosting, along with Mickey themed party supplies, treats and activities for the party.  My kids immediately had to watch the Disney Parks Vacation Planning DVD, which did nothing but make me teary eyed since I don’t have any Disney trips on the horizon…sigh…so after they watched I had to hide that one double quick! ;)

disneyside stuff

I had some grandiose ideas for my party, and I even thought about revisiting the good ol’ homemade Woody vests from Rayna’s old birthday party, but can I just tell you?  The ridiculous amount of snow we had been pummeled with this February side tracked my party not one, but two whole times.

By the time I had my party (which was right before the deadline, though you wouldn’t know it since my post is late…sigh again!)  I was just grateful to have some friends and family show up!  I had the kitchen table set up with the take-aways:

disney side welcome

And we got to the main topic at hand:  showing our Disney Side and playing.  Dressing up was the most logical way for the kids to show their Disney Side and Marc was sporting his favorite costume (read: only boy costume, excepting the Woody vests!)– Peter Pan:

disney side marc

We have plenty of princess dresses to go around, plus the Doc McStuffin’s pink jacket that came with the Doc McStuffin’s Check-Up Center:

disney side dress up

Ok, so it is not a costume, but I just had to show my cutie nephew Christian with his Sulley shirt!  I guess Monsters Inc. obsessions run in the family :)

disney side xtian

One of the activities provided in the kit was for the kids to decorate their own t-shirts (provided by Hanes).  That provided a nice diversion from the playroom:

disney side shirts

Ok, so I’m a typical proud Mommy, but Rayna made this design on hers:

disney side shirts detail

Isn’t that talented? :D   She sleeps with a Mickey that we got at Disney Social Media Moms a few years back and last year we picked up the matching Minnie.  She carries them downstairs every morning.  It just warmed my heart that she drew them on her shirt <3

Here is my friend’s darling daughter Payton wearing her homemade Elsa shirt :)

disney side shirts payton

Leave it to Beav, my phone died and had to be charged during the party, so I didn’t get any good shots of the food, but clearly popcorn was hit:

disney side snacks

The best take-home favor of them all (in my opinion) was the adorable print of Minnie & Mickey that says “So This is Love” with Cinderella Castle in the back.  We were trying to get a picture of Payton and Marc holding the poster (future love connection, hopefully, possibly?? lol) but it turned in to a group hug ;)

disney side poster

All in all it was so easy to show our “Disney Side” since our love of Disney is pretty much always showing, from the clothes the kids wear to pretty much every toy in the playroom and the decorations on their bedroom walls.  Since hosting our Disney Side Celebration we’ve had Rayna’s birthday party (I would have combined them, but again, the deadline for hosting the Disney Side party was March 1 & Rayna’s birthday was just this Saturday) and it was a Tinker Bell/Disney Princess mashup extravaganza lasting two days.

Just cross your fingers that I have a Disney trip sooner rather than later so I can bust out that planning DVD sans tears ;)

Disclosure:  Thank you to Disney Parks and Mom Select for choosing me to host a Disney Side Celebration.  I was provided with items to facilitate my party, but I was not paid or obligated to write this post.  All opinions are my own.


Three weeks ago I told you about how I was embarking on a 21 Day Challenge with Listerine.  I had all the ingredients to enjoying a healthier mouth: Listerine toothpaste, Listerine Antiseptic and Reach Floss.  The kids even had their own Listerine Smart Rinse to get in on the “swishing” habit.

I have to say that it has gone really well!  It took a lot of getting used to the strong taste of Listerine for me, but now I can swish with the best of ‘em!  (The first time I tried swishing I couldn’t do it for more than a few seconds, it was so strong!  But I think the toothpaste also helped me get used to the strong flavor).  The kids have really enjoyed using the Smart Rinse, it helps motivate them to get to the sink and start brushing when they know they can use the mouthwash:

listerine kids

Okay, so Rayna doesn’t look too sure in that picture, but they really do love using it.  I like that the bottle only dispenses the right amount so there are no major spills and no one is “accidentally” chugging it!

When I first started the challenge I was hoping to eliminate some of the lines of plaque I have on my teeth in the morning.  I still get a little, but it has been greatly reduced with the rinsing and regular flossing.  I know that I need to go get my teeth professionally cleaned (it’s been a long time!) and I should be in much better shape.  But if you are turned off by the strong flavor of the Listerine, I definitely say to stick with it because it does take some getting used to!  I’ve been sick for the last few days and I feel like Listerine really helps kill the creepy germs in my mouth in the morning (sorry if that’s TMI!)

Finally, I did actually post my #SwishSelfie on the Listerine Facebook page, here it is:

swish selfie2

Puckering up my lips is totally making me look like I have a mustache, eek!  But it was worth it to do my part in the goal of raising $85,000 to the Smiles Across America program. :)  It’s not too late for you to participate in the #SwishSelfie program (or the 21 Day Challenge).  Just visit the Listerine Facebook page for the scoop on how to post your selfie (not only does each selfie count for the charity donation, but there’s a chance for a weekly winner to win $$ too!)

Disclosure: I received a Target gift card to purchase LISTERINE® Brand products from Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc. and The Motherhood as part of my participation in the LISTERINE® 21-Day Challenge. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.


free disney movies

My kids watch a lot of movies.  I’m not going to lie about it, in fact, one confession that I feel a little guilty admitting is that my kids are almost always watching a DVD when we are in the car.  As soon as we got the minivan with the built-in entertainment system it was very hard to go back to non-DVD rides.

Regardless of whether your children consume as many movies as mine do, you probably wouldn’t mind having a few extra DVD’s for their collection.  Of course, they aren’t completely free, but they are yours to be had if you have some books to swap and a little patience.  Here’s how:

1.  Are you signed up for Paperback Swap?  I’ve written about PBS countless times over the course of my blog, and I use it all the time.  If you have any books to get rid of (doesn’t just have to be paperbacks), list them on there.  I’m sure you’ll find that in no time your books are being requested and you will quickly accumulate credits (you do pay to ship your books, that’s why this isn’t totally free, but if you have some credits just sitting in your account, then –voila! –free.  If you want to put me down as your referrer, then fabulous.  My username is rms33 ;)

2.  Sign up for Swap A DVD.  Swap a DVD is PBS’s sister site, and it is obviously the same concept, you get rid of DVD’s you don’t want (I just mailed off a copy of “Mr. Deed’s Widescreen”—really?  Like that’s not on TV all the time!) and boom, a credit to use.

3.  Transfer credits.  You can transfer your Paperback Swap credits to Swap a DVD at a 3:2 ratio, so if you have 3 book credits, send them on over to Swap a DVD and get two free DVDs.

4.  Search for DVD titles you want.  I went through and wishlisted just about every Disney movie I could think of.  Some of these (like my recent acquisitions, Tinker Bell and The Jungle Book 2) come available quite quickly.  Others you might be waiting for for some time.  Still others (like Sesame Street DVDs or Madagascar) are usually available for request right away.

5.  Enjoy clearing off those old English major books (is that just me?) and bask in having something fresh and new to pop into the minivan :)


Disclosure:  This is not a paid or sponsored post, I just love PBS and its sister sites.  I did provide my referral links, so I get a free credit for anyone who signs up because of me.

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