Superfresh frustrations

by Bay on October 28, 2008

Big sigh.

I never shopped at the Superfresh near me because their prices are higher than both Acme & Shoprite. As you know from my post here I was going to try them out by picking up the $40 worth of General Mills products & get the free turkey. Well what do you know?


Can you believe that?? In today’s economy? They will certainly get a letter from me. So now I can say THAT is why I never shop at Superfresh.

As a reminder, Acme will take any internet coupon (and double the ones $0.99 and under). Shoprite will take any internet coupon $1 or less (and double them up to a $1 value). Wegmans will take any internet coupon that doesn’t have the word “free” on the coupon (not sure about the doubling, I will check in and let you know). The “free” means you can’t use a “free” value internet coupon or a “buy one get one free” type coupon. Walmart and CVS don’t double any coupons, but they will take all printables that have a barcode.

So I don’t know what the deal is with Superfresh, but I’m not going to post deals for them unless there is something very awesome.

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