My New Blog!

by Bay on October 20, 2008

I’ve had a “diary type” blog before, but my audience was limited to the few interested friends and family that felt like reading my rantings and ravings. I decided to spend my time doing something a bit more productive and write a blog about things that I am doing and hopefully reach more people in the process.

In this blog I hope to write about my brand new experiences as a first time mom, a new stay-at-home mom, someone attempting to save money while living in the expensive northeast (South Jersey, specifically), and anything else that comes up along the way.

If you don’t already know me personally, my name is Rebekah, but family and a few friends call me Bay. Can you believe there are about 1,000 Rebekah’s out there blogging about similar subjects? So I’m going to post here as Bay. The name of this blog is just something cute I call myself since I don’t have a “little princess” I have a little queen! :)

Yay, let’s get started!

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