Omaha Steaks debacle

by Bay on October 22, 2008

It WAS too good to be true! Yet, who would have thought that a company would completely revoke something from your order after it was already placed and confirmed?

My awesomest deal ever–Omaha Steaks 20 burgers for $1.98–now has become 8 5oz. burgers for $1.98. I’m really not complaining, because for all intents and purposes, that is still a fabulous deal, but can you believe Omaha Steaks sent an email saying that because I used two promotions, they would not send the free burgers? Period. No “sorry for the misunderstanding” or “feel free to use this code on your next order”. There was an 800 number to call if you had any questions, so I called. I had a real robot of a person repeating the same phrase over and over. When I told her that I thought it was pretty bad form for a company to snatch back an offer due to a mistake on their end, the line was silent. I guess she didn’t have a pre-fab answer for that?

Oh well! No one said that you don’t have to get a little dirty to get some steals 😉 Sorry to all of you who were excited about this and had it yanked either before you got to it or after you ordered. I think no one is more sorry than Omaha Mis-steaks!

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