Election Day Freebies

by Bay on November 3, 2008

Since you are definitely going to get out tomorrow and vote, you might as well do it early and take advantage of these free offers! Just be sure to keep your “I voted” sticker.

Go in, tell them that you voted, and Starbucks will reward you with a free tall cup of coffee.

Like the banner above says, stop by a Krispy Kreme shop with your sticker and get a free patriotic doughnut.

Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops are giving away a free scoop between 5-8 PM.

Unfortunately for us in the Delaware Valley, we don’t have these, but Shane’s Rib Shack is giving away a free meal: 3 piece chicken tenders, a small fry and 20 oz. drink!

There seem to be reports of other regional places (some Chick-fil-A’s, for example) giving away free gifts for voters, so don’t trash that sticker right away…you never know who might reward you for voting. And fyi, did you know that requiring the sticker is illegal in California?

Enjoy. Love, Bay

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