Making Your Home a Haven challenge Day 3 follow-up

by Bay on November 13, 2008

Today Monica had picked the theme “cared for”–meaning the little things that just need to get done. I definitely had to do my checkbook and some bills so that was tops on my list. That didn’t take too long, so I moved on to my organizing chores. The coat rack storage box that had looked like a disaster, now looks like this inside:

I tossed out a lot of stuff from there and I think it is so nice and tidy now. Yes, we love Stratego. Next up was the left side of my closet, which is also where we store our sheets and towels. Including beach towels. I guess when people built homes in 1900 they didn’t believe in linen closets, so they need to go someplace! My before picture was just the top shelf of towels (which would inevitably fall down when I opened the door) because the bottom half was super ghastly. Well here it is now:

I got rid of a few pairs of shoes and a crazy orange purse (I mean, really). A long time ago, I came up with the tackle box mounted on the wall for jewelry storage. Not the most beautiful, but definitely functional and it’s great for hair things, etc. The wipes container also holds miscellany. Marc came home and glibly remarked “those towels are not going to stay that way.” Well, with an attitude like that! Just kidding, I know that they won’t, but I’m going to get a shelf (can you tell I like shelves?) so that the piles can be sorted better and won’t be 3 feet high.

These tasks actually didn’t take as long as I thought they would, because I was motivated to get them done before dinner. Which was a good thing, because I ended up having to run and watch my nephew for a bit so it was very fortuitous that I went easy on the chores and had a really easy dinner planned out.

Tomorrow’s theme is “fun” and I have no idea how I’m going to make my house more fun than it already is, lol. It is also a busy day for me because it is my WW meeting day, so if I don’t get my “Making Your Home a Haven” post up in the morning, you’ll know why! In the meantime, check out The Homespun Heart to see how everyone else is doing in the challenge.

Love, Bay

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