Making Your Home a Haven challenge Day 4

by Bay on November 13, 2008

Day four! I’m kind of sad that the week is almost over! This challenge has really motivated me to get off the couch (which is where I sit with the computer) during my spare moments and accomplish things in the house. Today Monica has designated the challenge to be “fun”–making the home a fun place to be.

Can you believe that this one has been the most challenging for me so far? It is easy for me to see what needs to be done, but not as easy to just stop and have fun. Que lastima!

Well, today was my Weight Watchers weigh in day, so this morning as soon as Rayna got up, we trudged out in the rain and made the meeting. On the way home I picked up a sandwich for me at Arby’s, just for fun ;). When we got home, Rayna was a bit of a crankpot with the teething (still! I’m praying they break through SOON!) so after our lunch I tried to just chill with her on the floor and play little games.

Now that she’s napping, I’m going to actually just finish up my chores for the day (dishwasher, straightening). Tonight starts the Women’s Conference at my church and Marc is watching the baby so that I can go to both night sessions and the Sat. morning session! This will definitely be my ‘fun’ for the day, as I never really get out & getting to hear a message at church is especially a struggle, since Rayna is always getting kicked out of the nursery!

As for the rest of the “fun” day, we’ll see what happens. I am going to set up a few activities for Marc to do with Rayna before she goes to bed, because he always needs a little ‘inspiration’. Dinner is leftover beef…Rachael Ray would call it ‘stoup’ from Tuesday night.

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Love, Bay

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