Making Your Home a Haven challenge Day 5

by Bay on November 14, 2008

Day five! Today’s theme is “Inviting & Giving”. Since I didn’t give a little recap yesterday, I’ll do that really quick first. Since I was heading out to the Women’s Conference at church and we were just eating some leftovers, I decided to make some cookies to add to our “fun” for the day. I scored a bunch of free baking mix type items in the recent Acme deals, so it only took a few minutes to make these:

Why do the m&m’s melt like that, I wonder? Oh well, they are tasty!

Today I am meeting a girlfriend that I haven’t seen in a while for lunch, and later it is another night of the conference. One of my other friends goes to my same church and is coming to the conference with me. I decided to have her over for dinner beforehand, so I’ll be making a chicken and rice crockpot dish. I’ll post the recipe and pictures later.

So it isn’t *too* much, but I get to catch up on some friends! Oh and I think I’m going to post my new giveaway today! I was going to do it next week, but why not put it up today and add to my “giving” theme? So I have covered a bit of inviting and giving!

On a little extra note, last night in one of the sessions, one of the pastors spoke about David & how he was able to succeed while being who he was. Some times when we read about all the awesome things that other people are doing it can be a little easy to wish that we had the abilities of others. The pastor had a really good quote that “David’s success was in being true to his own identity.” If God could use the youngest boy of the family with his own unique talents (like harp playing!) He can work through you and whatever your talents are. So, there’s my encouraging word for the day 😉

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Love, Bay

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