A few Christmas links

by Bay on December 18, 2008

photo by boopsie.daisy on flickr

Just out of festivity, here are a few Christmas-related links that I have enjoyed and wanted to pass on.

  • There is something so innocent and magical about kids believing in Santa Claus, I just love it. I don’t think my dad approved of having us believe in Santa, but my mom did, so in the early years I was a little confused as to whether he existed or not. I stumbled across this page, and think this is just adorable. Very cute for kids that might be at the age of doubting!
  • Further cementing my reputation as a geek, I will admit that as a young teen I saw Sandra Bullock’s “The Net” and pretty much wanted to be her character. Order a pizza online and throw up this fireplace screensaver and you can be antisocial too! I could do without the crackle sound effects.
  • Ever wonder how Christmas is celebrated in other countries? Here is an exhaustive list. I like how Micronesians are in church all day long and then applaud themselves when receiving two bars of soap.

Yay, I love Christmas! And, just in case you missed it, check out my post on ways to give back this Christmas!

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