Hodge podge post – one deal & WW

by Bay on December 11, 2008

This has been a busy week for me, shopping & meeting up with friends for the holidays. That combined with not-too-many great deals has made for a slow posting week. I thought I’d just type up one post with my WW updates along with a deal.

I really like the Entertainment book, and think that it is almost always worth its price. Right now, Walgreens is offering a $5 register reward (just like a CVS extracare buck) for any $25 purchase. The $25 purchase requirement is before all coupons. Also, there is a $10 off Entertainment book coupon in the Walgreens store circular. Purchase your area Entertainment book for $25, use the $10 off ad-coupon & get a $5 register reward for your next transaction, and it is like getting the book for $10! These also make good gifts; I think the movie theatre coupons alone make it worth it. I tried to hit up my local Walgreens on my way to meet a friend for lunch and they were sold out! I tell ya, I have NO luck with Walgreens!

So this morning was also my Weight Watcher meeting day and I have not been posting much about WW here, because almost nothing is going on. I lose 1/2 pound, I gain 1/2 pound, today I was down 3/4 lb…I think it is just because it is the holidays and I know that New Years will bring some more determination. So it is kind of like oh well for now 😉 But I really wanted to make it today, because WW unveiled a new program called “Momentum”, and now there is no more Flex or Core plans, it is all one program. It really still seems to be the same for people who have followed the Flex plan (counting points), except now they are telling you to eat more of the Core foods. They want you to use your points on more filling foods like whole grains, lean protein and vegetables rather than just eating a slice of pizza for 8 points and nothing else. Well, duh! But now you can also bank your activity points which is really good, because it never failed that the days that I would get in a big workout would be the days that I didn’t feel like eating all of my points. So there are some good changes there.

That’s it. Hopefully we get some more good deals popping up right before Christmas!

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