by Bay on December 1, 2008

I am a member of about a million different kinds of websites, and I find that people do enjoy hearing about sites I use & checking them out for themselves. One website I think you may be interested in joining is Mypoints.

This is not some kind of program I barely use and am just hoping to earn some kind of referral credit. I have been a Mypoints member for 10 years! I couldn’t believe it when I got an “anniversary” email from them a few months ago, but it’s true because Mypoints has been good to me over the years. Some people dog it because it can be slow going, but I have been able to earn quite a few gift cards. I have their credit card, which automatically gives you a point per dollar. But, there are plenty of easy ways to earn points quickly. The first is they send quite a few emails, and when you click through the link you get 5 points instantly. Generally there is some type of offer to be had, like “click the link and get 5 points, join Netflix and get 2,000 points”, etc. There isn’t any obligation to join or buy anything, you can just score an easy five points.

When you do shop online, you can click through Mypoints and get several points per dollar. Sometimes there will be an order code, such as loves to offer Mypoints members points per dollar on a purchase as well as free shipping. Other times, you can click through the Mypoints site and use your own coupon codes, to “stack” the offers to your advantage. Example: Recently I ordered a gift from Victoria’s I clicked through Mypoints’ link, but then used my own coupon codes to get a discount & I was still credited 3 points per dollar on my Mypoints account.

They are constantly adding new participating merchants, like this week they added StubHub; earn 3 points per dollar spent at StubHub.

Once you have earned yourself points, you can redeem them for various rewards, mostly gift cards. One final thing that they’ve started recently was offering their own printable coupons (the same that you find on, but they will give you 10 points for every coupon printed and redeemed, plus a 25 point bonus every month you redeem 5 or more coupons. If you’re going to use them anyway, you might as well get a little something extra for it.

You can check them out at If you would like to have me send you a referral email so you can sign up and I get credit, just leave me your email in a comment or send me an email and I’ll send it to you!

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