by Bay on March 14, 2009

Wow!  Since I have been so busy this month, my blogging pace slowed to a crawl.  Here’s a long overdue post of freebies for you (including 3 magazine subscriptions).  Enjoy!

This looks like the unreliable kind of sample, but it’s worth a try for a free mini bottle of Aveda Black Malva shampoo.
Have a can of Campbell’s soup?  Use it to score a free packet of tomato seeds.  While you are there, click the button to donate 50 seeds to FFA’s.  Click here for the whole scoop.
These were all mentioned before, but double check Wal-Mart freebies to see if there’s anything you would like to request.
Rewards Gold magazine subscriptions are always free and they always come:
Get a free subscription to Elle Decor magazine here (I have to say, I did request this before and I can’t stand this magazine.  It goes right in the recycle bin now, because I apparently can’t cancel a free magazine. Lol!)

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