A quick note about printing coupons from my sidebar

by Bay on May 20, 2009

In my Acme deals post, I mentioned some coupon matchups with Coupons.com and pointed out that you can print those coupons here in my sidebar without leaving my page.  To the right is a banner for Coupons.com, that either says for you to “Start saving today” which you can click through to go to their page and print the coupons (I believe this is what shows up for first-timers), or there are about 3 sample coupons available for quick print.  If you see the 3 sample coupons available to you, then you should see a grey bar at the top and at the bottom of the banner.  The top says “see all coupons” and the bottom says “scroll coupons”.  You can use either of these to display all of the coupons that are available.
I hope this helps and thanks so much for using my site to print your coupons! :)

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