Menu Plan Monday

by Bay on June 22, 2009

Last week I did my first plan in ages, and I actually stuck with it! There was one day that I didn’t end up making a meal since it was going to be just me, so you will see that “repeat” on here this week :) We are hoping to sell our house soon (PRAY! lol) so I want to use up some of the cans and other items accumulating in our pantry or freezer, as I don’t really want to be packing and unpacking a ton of food. So that is my goal this week.
Monday – Tonight my in-laws are coming over for Father’s day dinner and I’m making a frozen lasagna, salad, rolls and this peach kuchen. The frozen lasagna has been taking up a big chunk in my freezer and this is the rare occasion that we can actually make it and not throw half away. Also, I have a ton of canned peaches that we never seem to use, so I searched around until I found the kuchen recipe (I halved it and ended up having all the ingredients, yay!) I just finished baking it and it smells and looks awesome!
TuesdayThe Italian Chicken & Orzo from last week. I’m definitely going to make this because I need to use up the sliced mushrooms asap. So this time I really will let you know how it goes :)
WednesdaySloppy Joes & mixed veggies – uses up some frozen ground turkey, a can of Manwich and the leftover hamburger rolls from last week as well as whatever veggies I have around to be used.
Thursday – Marinated grilled chicken breasts, veggies & a starchy side will use one bottle of marinade, and some other stuff from the pantry as well as some frozen chicken breasts in the freezer.
Friday – My Mommy’s birthday! Happy Birthday Mom, we are going out :)
Saturday – We are going to be out again tonight for dinner, lucky me!!
Sunday – I am officially naming Sunday’s in summer as grill nights; so easy and it uses up our frozen hot dogs and hamburgers

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