I am a Couponizer Coach!

by Bay on July 28, 2009

I have tried all different ways of coupon organization in the past: the little accordian file (problem? too small, couldn’t see the coupons well), the keeping-the-insert-whole method (I ended up never clipping them) and even the big binder with baseball card pages method (It was so hard to fill and empty that I dreaded opening it). A little over a year ago I heard about the Couponizer. It looked like everything that I was looking for to keep me organized and I bought it immediately (it didn’t hurt that it was only $19.95).
Ever since I started using it, the Couponizer has been a winner for me. The whole system includes the booklet itself, which contains all the categories you would need, along with slots to organize your coupons easily while you shop, and some cool extras like a carrying pouch, mini-scissors, and my favorite, the Coupstacker mat that lets you quickly sort and stash your coupons after you’ve clipped them.
Since I’m such a die-hard Couponizer fan, I looked into buying some to sell since I am talking about it so much anyway. That is when I signed up to be a Couponizer Coach. Not only do I sell the Couponizer, but I can coach people in how to use it, and how to quickly start saving money.
I’ve already started helping people save time and money with The Couponizer. I have a couple of cool events that I’m going to announce here on the blog, but I wanted to let you know what the scoop is first :)
If you want to check out the Couponizer online then click here! And if you are in the South Jersey area and are interested in a free seminar for your group or organization, click “Contact me” here on the blog and drop me a line.

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