Healthy Toddler Feeding Festival – What we do for breakfast

by Bay on May 10, 2010

I’m not saying we are breakfast experts, by any means!  In fact, we have a few core breakfasts that we repeat over and over, and I’d love to hear your breakfast ideas or even just what you do for breakfast!

I never realized that I am a huge Earth’s Best fan, but as I was going through our breakfast items, Earth’s Best products are huge for us (not sponsored, just the truth).

Our “on the go” breakfast is great for taking along in the car, or for mornings when we have less time.  Along with a cup of milk, Rayna eats an Earth’s Best TOTS Cereal Bar and some fruit (either a banana or a cup of cut-up strawberries).  The Earth’s Best Cereal Bars are like mini Nutri-Grain bars–a jelly filling with a soft cereal outside.  Earth’s Best also makes the same type of bar in the Sunny Days brand (instead of TOTS).  The only difference I can find between the two is that Sunny Days is licensed with Sesame Street characters on the box and is therefore about 30 cents higher.  That’s it!  Now Gerber also makes soft cereal bars (including the twist ones) but the nutrition information isn’t as good on the Gerber bars as it is for Earth’s Best.  I don’t have a box of Gerber Graduates bars to compare, but say the % daily values of vitamins are 25% on the Earth’s Best bars, they are 10% on the Gerber ones.  Just my two cents on the difference between brands.  I’ve also given Rayna one of my Kashi TLC bars in a pinch as well.

Days when we have more time, Rayna loves “waff-waffs” & I use the Earth’s Best Blueberry Mini Waffles.  If your little one isn’t as big of a breakfast eater as mine is, you could cut them so you aren’t using all 4 mini waffles at once.  Again, I’m sure there are other varieties of toddler-friendly waffles out there, but I like that these are organic and no-junk.  Sometimes I serve these with blueberry applesauce as a dip, but usually Rayna just uses a little bit of maple syrup (do you hear that husband? A LITTLE BIT!  The day I saw him dousing her breakfast in syrup I almost flipped…mostly due to the mess factor, but I also don’t want her getting a taste for a little waffle with her syrup.) :)

Finally, the most boring breakfast to mention is plain ol’ cereal.  Rayna eats Cheerios, Kashi Honey Sunshine or strangely enough she’ll eat Grape-Nuts with raisins if I’m eating them too (see, we’re back to that old modeling thing again).

So far we haven’t done too many fancy breakfasts; the other day I bought buckwheat pancake mix and tried making that for breakfast and it was a great big Fail.  Rayna looked at it incredulously, took one bite and was like “all done!” 😛  I’ve seen some great recipes for things like sweet potato pancakes (which I’ve had before and are totally yummy) and I know there’s all sorts of breads/muffins I could be making, but I haven’t started actually doing that yet.  Rayna eats eggs sometimes for a meal (I’ll explain that in another post this week) but we don’t do them for breakfast.

Or smoothies.  Don’t do those yet either.  GEEZ!  See how many ideas I’m getting just by writing this post?  So what do you do for breakfast?  What is your stand-by or on-the-go breakfast?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

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