My anniversary, revisited

by Bay on February 22, 2011

Just this weekend was my 6th wedding anniversary.  I wish I had a cute wedding pic to slap up here, but with all of those types of things in storage, just imagine me in this dress (why does that model have to look like she walked straight out of Goodfellas?) with lots of hair. LOTS of hair.  I think the girl that did my wedding ‘do turned around and invented the Bumpit, because I just kept wanting my poof to be “higher”.  This was obviously pre-Snooki, when I was just trying to look a little like Priscilla Presley and not like a guidette.

So every year we’d go back to the Chart House, the scene of my wedding, and have an anniversary dinner.  Last year’s dinner was so all around unfortunate that we decided not to do it again, and I ended up writing this post about the ordeal for the Philly Moms Blog.  So this year, instead of figuring out what to do with ourselves on the day, we actually had a wedding to attend.

I’ve heard of the Smithville Inn, but have never actually been there.  It’s in Absecon, which is right near Atlantic City.  Right by the restaurant is a little village of shops & other restaurants that looks really cute, kind of like a Peddler’s Village.  We’ll have to go back sometime when it’s not so darn cold out.  Our drive home from the wedding would only be an hour, but late at night and with AC so close, how could we pass up an excuse to try to spend the night? :)  One of our friends’ parents has a place in Atlantic City so Marc managed to invite ourselves snag an invite to crash overnight after the wedding.  It was a really fun time having a sleepover with 4 couples, I just wish we could have stayed a little longer.  Since we didn’t leave for the wedding until late Saturday afternoon and then we headed home pretty early on Sunday, we didn’t really get to pack as much in as I’d like, but I’m not complaining.  It’s by far one of the best things we’ve done lately! 😉

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