Menu Plan Monday

by Bay on March 7, 2011

Oh hi!  Yeah, I’m still here…just laying on the couch with the energy level of a sloth.  I can’t believe how this pregnancy has completely zapped me of almost all usefulness.  I’ve found that I have a couple “good hours” in the morning where I can actually accomplish some things, and usually those things are taking Rayna to a playplace or story time so she will wear herself out enough to take a nap 😉

My parents both work full-time, and obviously so does my husband, so no one really makes dinner here except for me.  If I don’t have something in mind (which I haven’t, you might be able to see I’ve only done ONE other MPM this year!!) then we go out, or order take out.  Definitely not helping our wallets.  So anywho, here is an easy menu plan that I can do this week.

Monday – Spicy freezer chili (though I probably won’t have enough leftover to freeze)

Tuesday – Rotisserie chicken with sides (because it’ll be grocery shopping day)

Wednesday – Potato Gatto (I made this recently and everyone loved it…not sure why the reviews are so mediocre)

Thursday – Salmon fillets

Friday – Italian chicken & orzo

Saturday – out!

Sunday – Something easy like sandwiches or pizza

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