Menu Plan Monday

by Bay on May 2, 2011

Since my last menu plan, I put up a review post for ShopRite from Home.  It was super convenient, and if you are in the ShopRite area, check it out if you’re interested! 

Last week’s plan served us really well, except that I was banking on leftovers one night and we ended up not having any.  Luckily we had some pasta and sauce in the pantry, so we subbed that instead.  Here’s what I have for this week:

Monday – We ate at Wegmans’ tonight because we had to pick up some more groceries.  I love saving the money of not going out to eat, but boy do you run out of things fast 😉

Tuesday – One of the girls who brought me dinner a couple weeks ago brought Marc’s favorite: Shepherd’s Pie.  This is the recipe that she used, so I’m going to try my hand at making it.  It was super yum!

Wednesday – I haven’t made “Springtime Pasta” in a while, but it is something I used to make all the time.  It’s super easy, just boil pasta, throw in a bunch of cut up asparagus halfway through the cooking time, drain, mix in a container of Alouette herb cheese and halved grape tomatoes.  Be sure to save a little pasta water if the sauce is too sticky…and that’s it!

Thursday – Since this seems like it will be the best weather day of the week, I’ll use the grill for some grilled chicken & veggies.

Friday – Green Enchiladas

Saturday – Leftovers…we should definitely have some this week :)

Sunday – Something easy like sandwiches or hamburgers/hot dogs again.

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