A little update post

by Bay on June 16, 2011

Goodness gracious, I need more time in the day.  Does everybody feel like that?  I wonder when I’m going to fully get out of survival mode & actually start being more productive.  We are starting to get into a better groove around the house, the baby is sleeping pretty much through the night (11-5!!) so that has been *huge* in making me feel like a normal person again.

I’m still exclusively nursing, which amazes me.  I went through such an ordeal with a bad case of thrush that I almost quit completely.  Now (finally, after 9 or 10 weeks) it is actually much better, but I have to admit that I do dream of quitting now & then.  I should probably save all of that drama for another post.

Speaking of other posts, I really wish I had more time to blog.  I think I’m going to get that chance (with the new groove & all), & getting a new camera will help!  I finally picked out one that I’m going to get (Nikon Coolpix L120, if you’re curious) & hopefully my posts will improve 😉 Plus, I actually have some “real” stuff coming up, like a giveaway, so there will be more life here soon, I promise!

On the home front, my house is in serious need of some decorating skills.  I used to think that I had some sense of style until we moved into a house that is essentially a big white box.  Our walls are bare, stuff still looks totally unpacked & I really need to get my act together!  It’s weird that when I have a completely blank canvas to work with that I have even fewer ideas than ever before.  Anyone know any good home decorating blogs?

I do have a zillion posts I want to write, like I said, I just need to find a bit more time.  One thing I’m going to give myself permission to do is write shorter posts about, well, whatever so I actually get some done instead of waiting until it all piles up in my head & then I feel too overwhelmed to write anything at all (which is exactly what happened to me this week).

So forgive all the meta-crap in this post & take it as a little update.  And yes, Rayna is still Woody, still not potty trained, and still squeezing Marc whenever she gets a chance.  God help us!

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