Come on Irene

by Bay on August 27, 2011

This is one of those posts that I’m kind of just writing for posterity’s sake.  Anyone in my area is already so tired of the coverage for Hurricane Irene and we are just starting to experience her heavy rains right now (at 7:30 PM).  All night and into the morning we are supposed to get pounded with rain, assaulted by heavy winds, and even have the odd tornado watch.

One prominent theme on my blog is “anxiety”.  I have it about everything.  Having children has compounded my anxiety exponentially, to the point where I am worried about microwaving my kid’s food in a plastic bowl to living in a state of panic 48 hours after vaccinations.  All of those possibly rational, but mostly irrational things parents worry about, I worry about to the max.

So Irene is my first hurricane has an adult.  Apparently my family pulled through Gloria when I was a little kid and had to be in a shelter, etc.  There’s been blizzards and stuff, but really, I have not had anyone else’s lives to worry about.  So while there’s MASS amounts of hype surrounding Irene, and I’m (hoping) thinking that it probably won’t be that big of a deal, I’m still stressing in my own way.

I have the bottles of water (well, ok, we actually bought a ton since we just had my husband’s fantasy football draft on Wednesday, so I didn’t really run out and buy it).  I have batteries (well, I always keep a ton of batteries in the house, and I tried to buy more C batteries, but every possible store in South Jersey is sold out of them).  I have non-perishable food and TONS of ice.

Everyone is suggesting things like “fill up the bathtub with water” so that we can flush our toilets should the power and water inevitably go out.  But that just leads to an even more real worry–what if Rayna slipped away and drowned in a huge tub of water?  So that’s a big no.  One of the best features about my house is that we back up to the woods and not another house, but now I have the all too real fear of a tree falling and hitting my house.  The first major reported casualty of this storm is that very thing happening and killing an 11 year old boy.

Ugh.  It’s awful.  If I wasn’t breastfeeding I’d take an Ativan with a glass of pinot grigio and go to bed.  No I wouldn’t, because I would be too worried to take it and not be 100% on edge for the sake of my children.

And before I look back and read this and think “My God, I was insane”, I actually experienced my first earthquake this week.  I was sitting on my couch at naptime when the house started to shake and since we just had electrical work done, I naturally assume my house is exploding.  My first reaction?  Run and wake up my kids.

Does the worry every stop?  I’m sure it doesn’t.  They’ll be adults and I’ll be worrying about all the same stuff.  Except maybe then I’ll let myself take the Ativan and pinot grigio.

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