Summertime…and the living’s…not too easy?

by Bay on June 5, 2012

Ok, I know it's all worth it...just look at these sweeties! :)


So where have I been these last coupla’ weeks?  Two words:  shore house.  And before you think I am vacationing in a posh, luxury home here on the Jersey Shore, let me pop that illusion.  While we are extremely blessed to rent a house for the summer (which we split halfsies with another family, to cut the cost in half, obviously) it is hardly a fairy tale.

What most people (read: my husband) don’t realize is that it is an insane amount of work.  INSANE.  The first weekend we headed down (Memorial Day weekend) my parents were mercifully dogsitting Buddie, so at least he was out of the equation.  But I have to pack food, bedding, clothes, some toys, electronics, baby paraphernalia, towels, etc. and drive my two rambunctious and car-hating children by myself (Marc drives his car straight from work) to the house, which has no heat and no air-conditioning, and may or may not need to be cleaned, and then un-pack all the stuff, set up the house, clean dishes, prep food, set-up beds, etc. while fielding two kids that are now bored or fighting because we’re in a 300 square foot space in front of the ocean and they want to go the beach nnnnoooooowwwww.

Sigh.  Throw the dog into the mix (who invariably has some emergency of his own, every time) and Marc wonders why I am so crabby about heading down to the shore.  I must be insane (per the definition) since I continue this same spiel two times in any given week we have the house, just to provide my family with all the glorious memories that family time at the beach provides.

Ok, so it’s not all tedious.  We love our times there.  We spend our weekends eating like piggies, having lots of quality time on the beach (which our kids adore), strolling through shore towns, and yard-sale-ing on early Saturday mornings.

Blogging is just a fleeting thought in my mind during these times 😉  Then when I’m home, I’m griping about all the wet, sandy laundry and feeling in a funk since Rayna’s home from school for the summer and I feel like I’m getting *nothing* done.

I’m trying to re-instate quiet times (ha! this one is not going over so well) and I’ve also been looking for ideas of things to do with Rayna at home.  I feel like I have so little creativity when it comes to “kid things”.  I was tweeting with some people about just not having “it” when it comes to playing with kids.  Maybe I lack a patience bone, but I don’t feel like I have what it takes to just get down on the floor and play without counting the minutes.  (Mommy guilt!)  So I’m going to do some busy bag swaps with friends and try to get some more activities going in the summer.  And hopefully with that energy I’ll be blogging more about it all.

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