My new kitchen light via the Capitol Lighting website!

by Bay on August 15, 2012

Isn't it pretty?

I don’t post much about updates and renovations to the new house, mostly because there haven’t been very many at all.  Even just painting rooms and getting new furniture has been a S-L-O-W process; one little change here and there.  I might have mentioned before that absolutely everything in my house is exactly as it was when it was built in the mid-nineties.  Naturally, that stuff is looking a bit dated.  So far we’ve only replaced one light fixture in the whole house, the dining room light, because it was this ugly little stock chandelier in a cheesy brass finish.

So a few weeks ago, I was very excited to get an opportunity from Capitol Lighting to either visit a store or shop their website and order a new light fixture of my choice.  They actually have 4 showroom locations in New Jersey (and 4 in Florida) but they are all in North Jersey.  So rather than drive that far north, I just shopped the website instead.

I decided that the next light we should replace would be our kitchen table light.  We have a large eat-in area in our kitchen and it had the most bizarre light there:

It was pretty bad.

The old light looked so outdated and at the same time weirdly futuristic.  Kind of like Star Trek, except I like Star Trek.  But at the same time, I wanted to get the right fixture since this is a very predominant spot in our house.  I was a little nervous about picking out a light online because things could always look different in real life vs. a website, and what if I ordered the wrong size?, etc.

I browsed their website and found this mosaic ceiling pendant by Quoizel.  My husband has always liked Tiffany-style lights (like this one) but I wanted something more neutral.  I thought the mosaic was a really pretty compromise.  As far as my concerns about size, I measured the existing light in my kitchen and compared it to the measurements on the website and the length and diameter were pretty close.  So with a little trepidation, I ordered the light.

When it came in, I ripped the box open right away and was very happy (and relieved).  The shell dome (which was much lighter than I thought it would be) was just as good looking in person and the size looked just right.  I had my dad come over and install it with me, because Marc is just not that handy and I knew my dad would be able to do it in just a few minutes.

Thanks Dad!

Installation was really easy, but it was definitely a two person job.  You need to have one person holding the light while the other is on a ladder doing all the wiring stuff.  I was obviously the one just holding the light. :)

And it was really that easy!  I am very happy with my new kitchen light, and the shopping experience on Capitol Lighting’s site was great.  When we were shopping for our dining room chandelier we visited a lighting showroom near us and it was really a long and drawn out process.  In order for Marc and I to both go and look at the selection, we had to bring both kids and that alone is kind of a nightmare.  Then the salesperson that we worked with ended up giving us some books to take home, because we were not agreeing on anything in the store.  After we finally looked through the books and selected some options, many of the ones we liked were not available or were out of our price range (there were no prices in the books).  With shopping online I was able to easily narrow down choices based on what I was looking for (only pendants, for example) and everything I was interested in was in stock and clearly priced.

Here it is with the light off. I know, now I need to paint the ceiling.

For more information on Capitol Lighting, you can visit their website and their blog.

To check out more about Quoizel (the brand I picked for my light–I really liked a lot of their styles) you can click here to browse them or here to read their blog.


Disclosure-  I was given a store credit to purchase a light of my choice for review.  All opinions are my own.

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Jenn V August 20, 2012 at 9:55 am

Ooo your new light looks so great! I really like the mosaic-y-ness! We have a few fixtures to replace too so I’ll have to check out Capitol Lighting’s site. (Not to knock your previous owners but what were they thinking with that UFO light?! Lol!) :)

Sue August 27, 2012 at 2:21 am

I love it… we just were taking about replacing our dining room light and this is just so nice. I am going to shop for some thing similar…thanks for sharing.

Michael December 17, 2012 at 1:36 pm

They have a great selection in their NJ offices, but huge on the web store

Jason Brown February 24, 2013 at 7:45 pm

The material of the shade of your lighting fixture looks like a capiz which makes it vintage and complement any plain ceiling. Makes the star trek light as you say cheesy after seeing the new one. Maybe you could use that on some part of your house cause I think it will make a pretty outcome.

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